Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (HSE)

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (HSE)health


Rapid technological developments and large scale mechanization in Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering Industries, Construction activities, etc. have resulted in complex Health, Safety and Environmental problems in these industries. Hence these industries need the services of qualified safety professionals exclusively to take care of various Safety, Health and Environmental aspects of their personnel/other persons who are likely to be affected by any adverse effects arising from these industries. Recognizing this need; Advanced Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment is a tailor made course to meet these requirements by enhancing the core competencies of students.

Educational qualification in Health and Safety is highly recommendable and as per global demand, this course has been introduced. The curriculum is designed based on the HSE requirements that are covered from a wide spectrum of international and national legislation.


The objective of this program is to develop professionally qualified and trained professionals to handle Health, Safety and Environment issues at workplace and shall have the following competencies:

  • To look after the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects with knowledge and expertise in HSE management systems, safe handling of materials and machinery, safe work practices, operational controls and to establish and improve emergency action procedure
  • To be responsible for compliance of all legal and other obligations of the organization
  • To guide and assist the site managers / engineers to make their sites safe and accident free
  • To train personnel in safety, undertake safety surveys and design suitable documents for recording and promoting safety at the work place
  • To establish the learning experience within the context of industrial application, thus enabling the integration of theoretical knowledge and understanding with best industrial practice in health, safety and environmental sustainability



  • Safety, Health and Environment Management
  • Electrical safety
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Laws
  • Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health
  • Accidents Prevention & Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Issues and Management


  • Safety Management and Engineering
  • Understanding Applied Ergonomics
  • Safety Engineering Management-I: Machine Operations and Safe use of Tools and Gadgets
  • Safety Engineering Management-II: Material Handling and Safe use of Tools and Gadgets
  • Fire Risk & Control
  • Risk Analysis & Management

Teaching Methodology:

  • The program will be delivered in a 3 pronged learning methodology
  • Self-Learning supported by LMS comprising of e-books, pre-recorded videos, short quizzes
  • Faculty led live webinar sessions on weekends to explain concepts and discuss case studies
  • Real life case studies – to inculcate the knowledge and skills learnt


Engineering/Polytechnic Diploma holders /Graduates preferably with 2 years of relevant experience


10 Months


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