Diploma in Oil and Gas Management

Diploma in Oil and Gas ManagementOil and gas management


The Diploma program covers areas like pricing, exploration and production, import of crude oil and LNG, acquisition of oil equity, refining and export of petro products, regulations, distribution of oil & gas and petrochemical. They are focused at creating strong concepts while inculcating hands on practical learning experience.


  • Post completion of the program, get opportunity to join Oil and Gas industry or move up in career
  • Work in Oil and Gas, Renewal energy, consulting firms with practice in Oil and Gas
  • You can work across multiple domain functions like sales, operation, project management & others
  • Opportunity to work in India and Abroad; travel across the world
  • Get global perspective of the Oil and Gas Industry


  • Understanding Oil & Gas Business
  • Understanding Natural Gas Business
  • Understanding Petro Chemical Business
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration


  • This program is for those who wish to enter Oil & Gas or related industries but are not very sure and wish to keep Oil & Gas industry as an option
  • Person from any education background can take this up – to understand more about the Oil & Gas industry before he can make up his mind on which domain to pursue. Once enrolled for Diploma, if they wish to upgrade or need more comprehensive knowledge they can upgrade to PGP (though education criteria of eligibility should be met in order to upgrade)


Open for all


5 Months


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